An essay about Suikoden

This essay can also be read on Suikoden Day 2013 group.

First of all, the story I would like to tell you is something that I consider as quite personal stories. To some people, it might be boring, but through this piece I just want to tell the world how important Suikoden is in my life. So, I hope anyone who read this will enjoy and understand what I’m trying to say through my words. This is my story…

My first contact with this series happened in 1998, I was only an 8 years old boy at that time. I was introduced to this series through Suikoden II by my cousins, and it was the second RPG I ever saw (the first one was Final Fantasy VIII), but it was the first RPG I ever played by myself. The experience I got from playing the first 2 or 3 hours of Suikoden II was magnificent. Even though my English understanding at that time was too bad to understand the story, somehow the 8 years old me able to understand the relationships between the characters, especially the relationship between Riou, Jowy, and Nanami.

Because I don’t have a PlayStation at that time, I can only play the game whenever I visit my cousins. Sadly, they won’t let me save the game to their memory card (at that time memory card space is quite precious), so every time I visit them, I just replay the first 2 hours of Suikoden II over, and over, and over again. Maybe that was also the reason why I can quite understand about the 3 main characters feeling, about how important is their friendship for them.

That was my first experience with Suikoden and RPG in general. Suikoden means a lot to me because it makes me the gamer I am today, a gamer that loves RPG and think of storyline more than anything else in a video game.

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The second memorable experience I have with Suikoden series happened in 2009.  I first left my home to study abroad in 2008, and as someone who rarely away from home, the first year of my study was no easy feat. I got homesick a lot that time, and that was also the first time I realized how much I love my family and my country (it sounds a little bit over-dramatic, but it’s true). At that time, I was playing Suikoden V, and to me, it was the second best Suikoden ever (the first one is of course Murayama’s magnum opus, Suikoden II). I played the game until I reach the scene that involves Georg, Arshtat, and Ferid (I’m sure those who have played Suikoden V will understand what I’m talking about). For those who haven’t play Suikoden V, Arshtat and Ferid is the parent of the main character in the game, and in my opinion this game really succeed in portraying the relationship between parent and their children.

Return to the scene I mentioned above, to me the scene was one of the most important scene in any video games I’ve ever played. It reminds me of my parents back home, and I’m sure if what happened in the scene happens to my family, my parents will do no different with what all of the characters in the scene did. Suddenly, it made me realize all of bad things or words that ever come from me as a son to them.

When I meet my parents several weeks later, the first thing I did was to ask them to forgive me for any bad things I’ve done or said to them. Of course both my parents got confused with my attitude for a while, but from the look of their face I’m sure they were glad that I said those apologies to them.

The same experience also happens when I replay Suikoden I several years later, but the scene in the game did not affect me as much as Suikoden V. But it still feels nice that a media like video game can give us such feelings that other type of media might find it difficult to accomplish.

All the experiences above really mean a lot to me because it steers me to the career I have today, which is a game designer. Those experiences not only bring me to my job now, it also motivates me to make a game that can be used to deliver good messages to anyone that played it.

Lastly, Suikoden also shows me how people from different countries and regions can be friends without really knowing each others, without caring about each others’ background, and without making language barrier limit communication between each others. Yes, I was talking about Suikoden Day and Suikoden Revival Movement.

Suikoden taught me about how to respect your parents even if you have differences with them. Suikoden also taught me how people with various kinds of background can be friends and gather together (even if it only happens virtually). I’m sure, everything the fans do for Suikoden, either through Suikoden Day, or through Suikoden Revival Movement, can make a change for this series, just like how 108 Stars of Destiny can make a change for something they want to achieve.

That’s all I have to say about how Suikoden means to me, thank you for reading.

Let our mercy as deep as the Feitas and our authority as powerful as the Sun be revealed to the entire World.


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