Devtheism: A Short Story-Driven Game About Respecting Other People’s Beliefs

So, I want to introduce you all to the game I just made. But first of all, just like a lot of non-English speakers out there, please pardon my limited English skill. Expect some chaotic grammatical errors here.

To make the game introduction easier, I will try to present the game just like how presskit() did. So here we go…


Mohammad Fahmi

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Release Date:
February 2014

Jetpacker’s Journal (Blog)

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Devtheism is a short story-driven game made with RPG Maker VX Ace. The game is inspired by other RPG Maker titles such as Mattie Brice’s Mainichi and Wiil O’ Neil’s Actual Sunlight. The difference with those 2 games is that Devtheism will tell the story of me, the developer, dealing with one or more stereotypes people love to throw around on the internet.

The game is a very short story that can be finished only in 15 – 20 minutes. So, it won’t take too much of your time.


  • Version 1.00 – 11 February 2014
    • Initial release.
  • Version 1.01 – 12 February 2014
    • Fix the bug where the player cannot ride the ship if he/she forget to take money


Devtheism Hi-res No Title

Devtheism | Screenshot (1)

Devtheism | Screenshot (2)


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Press Coverage

International Coverage

Devtheism: an RPG exercise in tolerance and respect ~ Polygon

Show This to Anyone Who Tells You That Games Can’t Teach You Anything ~

Devtheism: a quick game to make you question everything ~ Games in Asia International

Indonesian Coverage

Devtheism – Sebuah Game Singkat Dengan Pesan Mendalam ~ Games in Asia Indonesia

Devtheism, Game RPG Yang Mengajarkan Toleransi Umat Beragama ~ Ngonoo

Sudah Jadi Manusia Toleran? Coba Games Devtheism Ini ~ PortalKBR

Devtheism : Sebuah Game yang Akan Menguji Toleransi Anda ~ KAORI Nusantara

Foreign Coverage

Devtheism” ist eine interaktive Geschichte über Glauben und Toleranz ~

[Download] Devtheism: Khi một người anh hùng thực sự cần điều gì? ~

Friends’ Reviews

Devtheism: Game Tentang Respect Terhadap Kepercayaan Orang Lain ~ Bintang CP

Let’s Play Video


E-Mail Contact:



22 thoughts on “Devtheism: A Short Story-Driven Game About Respecting Other People’s Beliefs

    1. Thanks fit, RPG Maker is very very simple, and if you love to do some scripting this software will be able to do a lot more than what I did, I’m just to lazy to do some advance script editing :p

      1. So, RPG Maker is one of code based game engine right? Similar to Unity. I will try RPG Maker then, sounds interesting.
        I’m waiting for your planning and documentation sharing of this game.

  1. really interesting concept. Very like the dev-religion. I played your game for a while, but be sure to double check the reward system and the mission structure. Try also to test your game with players, not only with devs. Is it really fun?
    Fun comes first, then the message may be whenever you like, in my honest opinion.
    Cheers and keep it on! 🙂

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