Japan’s Journal #1: The First Airbnb – Airport, Bench, and Breakfast-at-Lawson

So, if you know me personally or follow me on my social media accounts, you probably know that right now I’m on holiday to Tokyo, Japan. It’s not a luxurious holiday, I mean I got the return tickets only for $60! That’s cheaper than the ticket to my hometown! From 22 July until 30 July, I’m in Japan with a co-worker and a good friend, Risky.

Because the plane arrived in Haneda Airport late at night, we have to spent our time until morning in the airport. I have to say it was an experience, not a comfortable one, but not bad either. There are a lot of other people like us, hence finding a good bench to sleep at is not an easy task, but we managed to do it anyway.

Being a cheap-ass traveler, we did not intend to spend more money at a proper restaurant, so we went to Lawson instead. Lawson in Japan is a place that surprises me because they have a special small section for Halal omiyage, beers are cheaper than deodorant, and the fact that how delicious the foods they sell there.

When we arrive, it was also the day PokΓ©mon GO is released in Japan. I don’t really play the game, but man, Japanese people sure loved it! Other than that, I don’t really have anything special to share about The Night at the Airport, so I’ll just let my amateur pictures do the talking. Oh and I will try to update my Japanese adventures using this tag in case you are interested (please be interested).


Japan's Journal - Haneda Airport 1
The alleyway inside the airports that sells food, omiyage, and becomes a shelter for backpacker.
Japan's Journal - Haneda Airport 2
Different part of the alleyway.
Japan's Journal - Haneda Airport 3
Observatory Deck.
Japan's Journal - Haneda Airport 4
Still in the Observatory Deck.
Japan's Journal - Haneda Airport 5
Japan sure loves vending machine so much. Will write about it later.
Japan's Journal - Haneda Airport 6
That’s one expensive parking lot.
Japan's Journal - Haneda Airport 7
Trying to be artsy here.
Japan's Journal - Haneda Airport 8
Hope you enjoyed the trip Fabio and Midori!
Japan's Journal - Haneda Airport 9
This looks familiar.
Japan's Journal - Haneda Airport 11
With that dark cloud, the time to spend watching sunrise is tough.
Japan's Journal - Haneda Airport 12
Ready to enter the city.
Japan's Journal - Haneda Airport 12
Be prepared for us Tokyo!

10 thoughts on “Japan’s Journal #1: The First Airbnb – Airport, Bench, and Breakfast-at-Lawson

  1. Felt like reading my own experience lol. Also desperately taking pics out there (observatory) covered with freezing autumn breeze and spent the night on airport’s bench. However the most exciting stuff for me was… the fully equipped toilet lol.

  2. Thought, by looking at the pics, it’s quite similar to South Korea. But, I heard from several friends who went there this summer, the people were very kind there (quite contrast to Korean in Seoul especially), weren’t they?
    I’m waiting for the Japanese toilet story too :mrgreen:

    1. They are really nice, although a little bit shy (as in they will stare at you, but look away when you look at them). But if you ask for help, they will try to help you even with high language barrier.

  3. Taking pictures in low light can be quite tricky, especially if you are using the standard lens which only has f3.5 as its largest aperture πŸ™‚

    Nice pictures, though. Brings me back to the old days when I went there myself during the freezing evening. Looking forward to the next post!

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