Japan’s Journal #4: The Best Toilet in the World!

What a country will do if they already achieve technological advancement in most facets of life? Sadly, it’s not about making the best implementation of matcha green tea ever. But thankfully it is something that even better, because we are talking about a country that cares about making the best toilet in the world.

Japan is famous for many advance technology, be it about entertainment, health, transportation, or some random things such as absurd vending machines and sex toys. But, one thing known and will always be remembered for people who already visited the country is, of course, how fantastic their toilets are.

I am not simply talking about clean toilets, because cleanliness is a default thing you can expect in Japan. I am also not talking about useless stuff such as TV inside a toilet, because poo time is best spent with deep thought or book reading. I am talking about super useful things such as heated water, warm seat, multi aim bidets, and a crazy control panel that will make you feel like M.Bison in that horrible Street Fighter movie.

Experiencing Japanese toilet will always be a pleasant and kind of surreal experience. The moment you enter, big chance you will be in awe because of how clean the place is. There are even big chance that Japanese toilet is cleaner than your room!

After that, be prepared to feel the heavenly warm of technology touching your butt skin. I never knew putting your butt on a perfectly warm seat will be a really wonderful experience, but it is. Don’t forget, if you are not sure about putting your butt in a place that has experienced contact with another butt skin, you can always put the tissue that was made perfectly in the shape of the toilet seat. No need to craft a manual toilet cover with the toilet tissue anymore!

Japanese toilet is also a good place for some people to learn body anatomy. For example, I never really know how women let out their pee (go on, nothing to discuss here), and by pressing the button to aim the bidet as women need, now I know which part is where the pee-pee came from. It was the first time I let out a big “Oooh!” sound inside a toilet (“ooh” as in understanding something new, not “ooh” as in I was in pleasure … well that too, a bit).

Talking about bidet, usually there are few options for the bidet aiming and power. You can customize it according to how you need it to be. Some toilets even let you choose how warm and powerful the water from the bidets. But just any other toilet in the world, if you want to use the bidet, make sure you already take off your pants and sit properly, or else you will wet your pants. No matter how wonderful the toilet is, wetting your pants is not cool at all.

In some toilets, there are also other gimmick such as butt dryer (I don’t know any other proper name for this feature), a board for you to stand and change pants (so if the toilet is dirty, which almost never happen, you don’t need to worry about wetting your pants), music (yes, music!), and many other things I have heard online that makes me said “No shit!” (which is funny because going to the toilet usually involve shitting).

Of course not all toilets in the country is as fantastic as I described in this post. I have experienced a bad toilet too, which is still can be considered as great because it was a temporary toilet provided by a station that has their toilet under big overhaul.

Toilet is probably one thing I will miss the most from Japan (aside from how clean and proper the country is, the fast internet, and the high amount of cute girls you can randomly encounter wherever you go). So, if you ever go to Japan, just make sure you experience how wonderful the toilets in the country are, I mean you HAVE to go to toilet right. Even if you just pass the airport for transit, still, try the fantastic toilet as if it will be the last time you can go to a toilet.

P.S. Some of the photos are taken with smartphone. Bringing camera to toilet will make people think I am creepy okay. Also, don’t forget to check other post about my trip to Japan.

Japan's Journal - Toilet 1
Simple yet genius, it’s not exclusive to Japan though.
Japan's Journal - Toilet 2
Stand here to change your pants … I guess.
Japan's Journal - Toilet 3
Look at the options!
Japan's Journal - Toilet 4
In case you are confused.
Japan's Journal - Toilet 5
For home usage, all in Japanese. Feels like playing a game: What will the toilet do next when you push a button.
Japan's Journal - Toilet 6
A little bit more simple.
Japan's Journal - Toilet 7
Skill points?
Japan's Journal - Toilet 8
Do you understand the symbol?

Japan's Journal - Toilet 9



2 thoughts on “Japan’s Journal #4: The Best Toilet in the World!

  1. What is humorous is that this “technology” has been common in Japan for more than 20 years! I guess the west is beyond the potties otherwise we would have adopted this long ago.

  2. I wa#18s&2n7;t exactly passing the buck, is the thing. I asked Mattie on Twitter for specific examples of the content that she feels would help. To me, that helps me understand the specifics much more clearly than generic directives. That’s something I can actually act on.

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