Japan’s Journal #6: To the Far Away Land of Komae

Been awhile since the last time I updated this series, but my stories about the one week trip to Japan I did last July is far from over. I haven’t cover the most important part of my journey, and that is the place I lived in for six days out of eight days I spent in Japan.

I got this place through Airbnb for a really cheap price. That cheap price came with another price, and that is the location. The name of the area is Komae, a place far enough that makes all my Japanese friends who heard of it start laughing so hard. The place is ten minutes walk from the station, and you need to ride an Odakyu Line train for at least thirty minutes before getting to the Yamanote Line, a.k.a. the center of the town.

One thing for sure though, Komae is the perfect place if you want to feel a perfect Japanese experience. The Airbnb we lived in is located in a rural area. Living there makes me feel like living around Nobita’s or Shinchan’s house.

It’s a town with a lot of cute looking stores, people riding bike everywhere, and (during my stay) it’s filled with teenagers looking for Pok√©mon around the station late at night.

I don’t know if there is anything I can say about this place. But I’m sure I will never forget Komae: Be it the sound of cicadas during a summer noon, the smell of tatami that welcomes me every time I return “home”, the silent road filled with kids, elders, and vending machines, and the beautiful melody of the train station that warns you of the arriving train. Komae oh Komae…


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